Top 5 URL Shortening Services

Best 5 URL Shortening Services (Free & Paid)

Among these services, I chose the best 5 ones that are legit, popular and really useful.

My Premium URL Shortening Service: L-ink.Me

You may think that I am putting my service on the top of the list because it is mine. No, you’re wrong. Let me explain.

  • Helping you create custom domain links.
  • Making bundles for URL rotation
  • Generating landing pages
  • Cloaking your URL
  • Tracking pixels which are important to target your audience once and again.
  • Sharing your links across social media and emails

Industry number 1 tool:

We all shortening service. This site has been around ever since, and we all used it at some time. Honestly, this amazing custom URL shortening service has countless features for users who get the paid plan.

  • You can create a QR code for the links
  • You can manage your links in one place.
  • You can track and optimise your links — Free Custom Link Management Service

Cuttly is another free custom link shortener that allows you to use 3 branded domains. With Curtly, you can create unlimited branded links.

  • Tracking and analysing your links.
  • Editing the source URL
  • Teaming up with your team
  • Enjoy a lot of API benefits
  • Create a big number of branded links

A Generous Link Shortening Service With CTA–Sniply

Sniply is a generous shortening service that allows you to shorten unlimited links and add a call to action to your links. This also lets you overlay your custom message.

  • Adding a call to action to all your links
  • Managing, analysing and optimising your links effectively
  • Taking advantage of Third-party integrations using the API

Fast & Anonymous Service –TinyURL

The last shortening link service in our list is TinyURL. It is popular and free. It also allows you to shorten links, track. their performance and customise your URLs.

  • Get more clicks with branded links
  • Use the analytics to track your links
  • Manage all your links in one place efficiently.
  • Benefit from API requests



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