The Best Premium Link Shortener: L-ink.Me

We usually shorten our links for many reasons including boosting brand awareness, tracking your links and more. L-ink.Me is one of the best URL shorteners in the market because it has many features, a good price and is unlimited. Here, I will talk more about this software, how it works and a lot more!

L-ink.Me Features

Link.Me has many remarkable features including:

  • It allows you to shorten your long URLs to shorter ones.
  • It helps you track the clicks on your links using pixels.
  • It connect your domain for custom links.
  • This tool manages your links in ‘Archived’ and ‘Expired’ links.
  • It has many other features like device targeting, splash pages and link rotation.

I’ve created this powerful URL shortening tool to allow you to shorten your links and enjoy all the benefits without paying a lot of money.

L-ink.Me Dashboard

L-ink.Me has a lot to offer you to improve your business.

First of all, go to and sign up for a new account.

Then, go to your and confirm your email address.

Now, you are in front of L-ink.Me dashboard and all its amazing features inside it including:

1- Shortening links

You can easily shorten any link. Paste your long affiliate URL in the box located before the ‘Shorten’ button. And do the shortening in seconds.

2- Branded Links

Instead of just shortening your links, you can add a domain and create your branded links

In my case, my branded domain “” where I enter my to be my affiliate’s name after the slash. This can highly increase my brand awareness.

Learn how to create Branded links in this tutorial.

3- Create One Universal Affiliate Link

Do you know LinkTree where you get one link of a page that contains all your links? Instead of paying 6$ per month for LinkTree, you can use our ‘Link Bundle’ feature.

Learn how to create a link bundle in this tutorial.

4- Create Splash Pages

Do you know these pages that some website owners create to appear before any page of their website? Such pages are called splash pages and usually display promotions, disclaimers or warnings depending on your niche.

You can create them using L-ink.Me software without any additional costs.

5- Tracking pixels

Just as Facebook retarget the audience, L-ink.Me provides tracking pixels to help you retarget your audience on other platforms.

For a better explanation, watch this video.

Eventually, I do not doubt that L-ink.Me is the best premium link shortener in the market compared to other software. It is the cheapest with all the available features and unlimited links. You have to try it now!

You can make your own shortener website without coding by following the steps in this guide.




Founder - H-educate | Provide Online Business & Digital Marketing Services |

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Hasan AboulHasan

Hasan AboulHasan

Founder - H-educate | Provide Online Business & Digital Marketing Services |

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