How to Make Money With Your Forum Website: 5 Genuine Ways

If you read my previous articles here on Medium or my full guide about How to Create a Forum Website, you would have got a clear idea about what forums are, how they work, what are their benefits, and how to grow your forum and reach more than 45k members, 3k topics and 70k topics.

By now, you must have created a forum, drove some traffic and made it successful. The next step is to learn how to make money from the forum.

5 Genuine Ways to make money with your forum website

Here, I’ve listed below a few tested strategies to make money with your forum website. I applied them all on my forum H-educate, and you have to try them too:

1- Earn Affiliate Commissions by referring your members

In general, your forum has a certain niche, so its members are usually interested in topics, products, tools, software and more related to your niche. All you have to do is to join an affiliate program related to your niche, choose a product that refers your visitors to a good product, get its link then promote it on your forum using banners, articles, etc…

What I prefer is to provide some valuable information about this product and put your affiliate link to encourage the members to buy it. That’s what I did in my guide titled How to Install WordPress on Contabo VPS “ where I taught people how to install WordPress on Contabo and I put my Contabo affiliate link to earn commissions from them.

There are many amazing affiliate programs like CJ, Impact, WarriorPlus and more.

2- Make Money with Ad Networks

Making money with ad networks is popular to monetize a blog. It also works with forum websites as you can add ads from AdSense, Ezoic, Propeller ads, or MediaVine.

Joining these networks is easy. Visit the network

Enter real information about you and your website (in our case, it is your forum) then wait for the approval.

They will give you a code to insert in your forum so they can check whether it is good enough for them. If yes, you can start displaying ads.

When displaying ads in your forum, the visitors will view these ads and they may click on them too.

3- Offer Related Services

Furthermore, offering related services is an amazing way to make money online. People visit your website to learn from your tutorials and strategies. However, some of them want to save time and effort, so they prefer to hire a trusted person to finish the task for them

Here, it is your turn. Prepare a services page and offer some services related to your niche. Check my digital marketing services.

4- Create & Sell Info products like eBooks or Courses

There is a lot to sell online, but selling informative products is the best for many reasons. Such products are easy to create, easy to sell, no delivery problems, no returning back problems, etc…

You can make good money by creating and selling ebooks, webinars, or courses based on the niche of your forum.

5- Sell Monthly Memberships

Honestly, this is an amazing option to benefit from your forum, but I didn’t try it yet. Actually, I not even planning to do it. in the future. My forum will stay free.

However, you can sell membership in your forum in case you have something very valuable to offer like secret strategies. There are a lot of paid forums like AffLift where you buy a monthly subscription of $20 or an annual one of $200. This is a great way to make money online with your forum!

Final thoughts: How to Create Forum Website and Make Money

In this blog post as well as a few previous ones, we discussed how to create a forum website, run it as a standalone business, promote it and make money from it. To learn all these steps, you can go back to the previous blog posts here on Medium or visit the whole guide of “How to Create a Forum Website” on my website.

Believe me, having your own successful forum is a great way to make money online. If you already have one, please share it with me in the comments. If you don’t yet, today is the best time to start.



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