How Much Money You Can Make From YouTube? (Case Study)

What is a monetized view?

How much money does YouTube pay for 1000 monetized views?

Ad Revenue Factors

Channel 1:

Channel 2:

  • CPM: How much advertisers paid per thousand monetized playbacks.
  • RPM: How much you earned per thousand monetized playbacks.

Three factors that determine your CPM & RPM or revenue on YouTube:

How to Know Topics and Keywords With High CPM?

Bonus: Other methods to make money from YouTube:


  • 40% of my sales come from YouTube
  • 30% of my web traffic comes from YouTube
  • 60% of my Email List is from YouTube
  • 65% of my Audience is from YouTube
  • BE KNOWN (Brand awareness)
  • Get More Traffic.
  • Drive more sales.
  • Build Authority.
  • Promote anything you want to your audience.

Keep in mind the following when you start on YouTube:




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