Ginger VS Grammarly: Which Grammar Checker is Better?

Ginger vs Grammarly: Differences Between the Two

First of all, Ginger and Grammarly are two online AI tools that help the user to find mistakes in his writings and suggest how to correct them.

Desktop app for Mac (Ginger yes, Grammarly No)

  • Ginger: This writing assistant is available for all users. You can use it on your browser or use its OS and Android app. Moreover, it is open for both Mac and Windows.
  • Grammarly: It has a desktop app for Windows users only. Although it has a Keyboard for iOS and Android, it is not available for Mac users.

Having a Plagiarism Checker (Grammarly yes, Ginger no)

  • Grammarly: What we all like about Grammarly is its ability to check our content for plagiarism which helps us avoid copying others’ works.
  • Ginger: It doesn’t have the plagiarism checker feature.

Checking Uploaded Docs (Grammarly yes, Ginger no)

  • Grammarly: No need for copying and pasting the content. You can upload the docs and let Grammarly check them for you.
  • Ginger: The software doesn’t allow you to upload documents.

Ginger Offers Text to Speech Feature (Ginger yes, Grammarly No)

  • Ginger: It has an amazing tool called Text Reader. This tool helps you improve your spoken English. It also allows you to see if your text has talking fluency.
  • Grammarly: It doesn’t offer a text-to-speech feature.

Supporting Over 40 Languages (Ginger yes, Grammarly No)

  • Ginger: Although English is the most popular language, non-English writers and marketers still need a tool to check their writings. Ginger supports checking and translating more than 40 languages.
  • Grammarly: It supports only English.

Ginger VS Grammarly: Pricing Difference

Fortunately, both tools have free versions with all the essential features, so you can start using them.


Ginger has a lot to offer including:

  • Annual subscription: It costs $12.48/month.
  • A two-year plan: it costs $9.99/month


Grammarly also has a lot to offer like:

  • Quarterly subscription: It costs $20/month
  • Annual subscription: it costs $12/month.

Final thoughts

Honestly, Ginger prices are better than Grammarly, but Grammarly has some. unique features like checking plagiarism. Therefore, your choice of your online writing assistant depends on your needs. I recommend reading the Grammarly review before you choose your writing assistant.



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