11 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2022

Growing your website needs more than writing content and sharing it. You need to increase your site’s functionality in order to stand out in the market and achieve your goals. To do that, you must use some WordPress plugins.

You can find a tool and plugin for every function in your WordPress like bbPress for creating forums, RankMath for ranking your pages in search engines and many more.

Additionally, you will find in this article a lot of tools and plugins related to image designing, hosting services, etc…

Top WordPress Plugins That Will Up Your Blogging Game

Pay attention that some of these WordPress plugins and tools are free, paid or paid with a free plan.

RankMath — SEO Plugin for WordPress

Although most bloggers prefer YoastSEO and All in One SEO, RankMath is better in my opinion as it helps you understand what is wrong in your post and suggests a few changes to make it better.

Easy installation, clear interface, advanced SEO analytics reports, tracking the ranking for specific words, Google Analytics and Search Console integration, suggestions for improving the readability and a lot more are just some of RankMath features.

MonsterInsight — WordPress Analytics Tool

Tracking the performance of your WordPress is the key to boosting your success and increasing your conversions and profit. For me, MonsterInsight has proved to me that it is the best WordPress plugin for analytics. It has a pretty dashboard, GDPR-compliant, SEO ranking reports, detailed Google Analytics reports, integrations with third-party plugins like Yoast and WooCommerce, universal tracking, etc…

RafflePress — WordPress Plugin for Giveaways & Contests

As you’ve seen before in my YouTube channel, I run a lot of giveaways and contests. So, I needed a good WordPress plugin for giveaways and contests, and I found RafflePress.

This amazing plugin helps in growing your email list, boosting your website traffic, and increasing your social media followers.

It has a drag and drop giveaway build and Viral giveaway templates which are very responsive for all devices. It allows visitors to refer a friend and helps you in tracking and retargeting.

Slider Revolution — Premium WordPress Slider

I still remember how. It started in 2012 as a simple plugin to insert a slider into your WordPress pages and posts.

However, the team worked hard to improve this plugin. Today, you can use this plugin to design your WordPress site with its drag and drop editor, hundreds of templates, stunning design elements and more… Slider Revolution must be on your site.

OptimizePress — WordPress Landing Page Builder

Landing Pages are crucial for every marketer or entrepreneur. If you have WordPress, it is easier to build your landing page on your website using OptimizePress. It is simple and has a lot of features.

PrettyLinks — Affiliate WordPress Plugin

PrettyLinks is one of the best affiliate WordPress plugins in the market. It helps in cloaking your affiliate marketing, attributing your links, importing and exporting data, replacing specific words into affiliate links automatically and much more.

LiteSpeed Cache — WordPress Tool Supercharge Your Site

Speed is crucial for your ranking, and LiteSpeed Cache does all what it takes to make your website fast like optimising images, minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, lazy loading, images/iframes, etc…

Hustle — Email Marketing WordPress Tool

Building your email list has never been easier. Using Hustle, you can easily convert your site’s traffic effectively. This email marketing WordPress tool is perfect, especially with its amazing templates, creative pop-ups and opt-ins, AI-powered triggers, and a lot more.

Sucuri Security WordPress Tool

Protect your website from scammers with the Sucuri Security plugin. It scans and audits your site for malware and security keeping you safe as much as possible.

bbPress — Best Forum WordPress Plugin

Do you know H-Educate Forums? It is a digital marketing forum with thousands of topics and members. You can make one like it with the brilliant Bbpress. Bbpress allows you to set up and moderate your forum easily, provides a clean and fast design and helps you to create multisite forums.

LiveChat — Top Conversational WordPress Tool

It is the best way for fast communication with your visitors. The LiveChat plugin helps you add live chat and support to your WordPress site quickly which increases sales and improves customer service.



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