10 Proven Methods to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Have you sat for hours gazing at the roof and asking yourself about what your next piece of content will talk about? Don’t be upset, we all did this at some point. With millions of websites floating on the internet, getting ideas for awesome content has become more challenging than ever.

However, there are some effective ways that can help you generate tons of content ideas for your content.

Whether you are running a blog, podcast, Instagram account, Facebook page or YouTube channel, these ways actually work.

For my business, I never run out of ideas due to my system. of creating content. My system is based on 10 proven ways of creating content consistently.

Top 10 Ways to Find Tons of Content Ideas

Would you like to have a lot of content ideas for your business? That’s possible. Just try these top 10 methods which work like magic for finding content ideas for my business and yours:

Enjoy H-Supertools’ Keywords Tool for Free

The first way which I use to find ideas for my content is H-Supertools’ Keyword Research Tool. This free digital marketing tool gets its data from Google itself, so it is To find ideas with H-Supertools’ Keywords Tool:

  • Go to H-supertools.com
  • Hover over to SEO
  • Choose ‘Keyword Research Tool.’
  • Enter your niche, topic or seed keywords.
  • Click search.

Now, you’ll get tons of relevant keywords from which you can create content.

You can also use the YouTube Keyword Tool on H-Supertools in the same way

When you find the keywords, simply copy them as tags or export them to a CSV file.

Benefit from AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is one of the best tools found on the Internet to know what others are thinking about. Thus, you can use it for content research.

Find out the questions which people are asking about in your niche, then create a blog, video, or else about these ideas. It is a great way for creating content and building an audience.

The downside of this tool is that it is free for the first couple of words a day, then you should pay $99 to $399 per month.

If you can pay that much, you can use “Questions Explorer” on H-Supertools for free.

Explore Q&A on Quora

Some. People think that Quora is not just a Q&A site. Sorry, it is not.

Quora is much more than that. Actually, Quora can be a good source of traffic for your blog or a tool for finding content ideas

People ask questions about important stuff in almost every niche. Search for questions relevant to your niche, and craft content around them.

You can find ideas in spaces relevant to your niche, posting questions asking for ideas, repurpose the questions and answers into a video or slide, etc…

Ask Your Audience

If you already have an audience on any platform(Quora, Instagram, Facebook, etc…), you can simply ask them what they like to read, watch or listen to depending on the kind of content you create.

They will give you tons of ideas, and you’ll be sure that it is on-demand.

Get Content Ideas from Google Search Console

You must have connected your website too. Google Search Console for knowing how. many impressions, CTR, or clicks you are getting. Google Search Console can also let you know what keywords are people searching for on your site without finding results.

To find these words and create content around them, go to ‘Search Traffic’ then choose ‘Search Analytics’.

Get Inspired from Competitors

Every blog or Youtube channel must publish content consistently. You must be doing this and your competitors are too. So, you can follow them, read their content and get inspired.

In the digital marketing niche, you may get inspiration from Neil Patel and Brian Dean’s YouTube channel, as well as from Semrush and Ahrefs blogs.

Please, don’t copy and paste anything from your competitors.

Just get inspiration for crafting content.

Find Content Ideas on Forums like Reddit, H-educate and more.

People engage in valuable content only. That’s why they keep discussing problems, ideas, projects, etc… on forums.

Join forums related to your niche and listen to what people are talking about.

You can type ‘YourNiche forum’ in Google search to find forums related to your niche.

I would type digital marketing forums to find a forum related to this niche.

If you can’t find a forum, you can simply create one as I did with the H-educate forum.

Watch this free course to learn how to create a forum.

Get Content Ideas by Sharing Your Story

If you have no idea what to talk about, try new things and tell your experience. That’s why I do it on my YouTube channel. I test tools and strategies, and I create content about my experiences.

Revealing your tests and results in a form of case studies is great for creating useful content that builds an audience.

Repurpose Your Content for Different Platforms

If you already have published content, you can just repurpose it for different platforms like changing your article to a video or a slide, making a blog post around your video, changing your course to a written guide, shortening your content and changing it to a Facebook post, etc…

I use this way all the time. I even repurposed this article from this YouTube video.

Find Popular Content on BuzzSumo

Finally, BuzzSumo is another amazing tool that can help you discover content ideas and passions related to your niche.

How to use BuzzSumo:

  • Visit BuzzSumo.
  • Enter your topic or keyword into the search bar.
  • Search

You will get fresh results which can inspire you to write your own content.

These are the 10 ways that allow you to generate millions of ideas related to your niche. Try them and tell me in the comments if you use them in writing your content.




Founder - H-educate | Provide Online Business & Digital Marketing Services | h-educate.com

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Hasan AboulHasan

Hasan AboulHasan

Founder - H-educate | Provide Online Business & Digital Marketing Services | h-educate.com

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